About the Free Art School

UIC Free Art School advocates for creative expression as a right of all people and believes that “Everyone is an artist.”

UIC Free Art School is Free and Open to everyone—no applications or entrance exams required! Classes take place all over UIC’s campus and in spaces all around Chicago. This art school demands a very different type of engagement. You get to use your intelligence in unusual ways, explore the new and curious, shed your inhibitions to discuss issues and even make things with strangers.

Enrollment in courses is on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis, except in those instances where an artist has specified their desire to work with particular age groups or individuals with special learning needs. The UIC Free Art School accommodates different modes of learning, and classes range in size from small group conversations and tours to large gatherings.

Special Thanks
Thanks to the many artists involved, the UIC Free Art School offers learning experiences that may lead to intuitive insights and sharpened perceptions that encounters with art produce.

We are committed to full inclusion and participation of people with disabilities in all aspects of UIC’s Free Art School. Please let us know if you need an accommodation to fully participate.



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