A Choir of Glances | Christine Sun Kim | July 15-16, 3–5pm

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Each workshop will be followed by a public performance at 5:30 pm at the Chicago Cultural Center, Garland Room

Christine Sun Kim, an artist who is deaf and uses performance and technology to explore her relationship with sound and spoken languages, leads a workshop that investigates the various states of sound, silence, gesture, and communication, as they exist and transform through physical interaction and technology. Ideas workshopped during the first portion of the afternoon will culminate in a public performance with the participants at 5:30 PM.

With thanks to our partner, the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events

This class is appropriate for participants 16 and up, and for people comfortable using their voices, limited to 15 people each class.

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The same workshop is held on both dates, so please sign up for just one.

Artist Bio
Born deaf, Christine Sun Kim is a renowned artist working primarily with sound. She is the recipient of numerous awards including the 2014 TED Fellowship,and has been included in major exhibitions at the MoMA and the Whitney Museum of Art. Sun Kim’s work calls into question everything we think we know about sound—ideas of ownership, the limits of sound, and the many ways in which the most banal of objects can push the boundaries of how we experience the world.



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