Drawing Interventions | Matthew Metzger | July 28 1-4pm and July 29th 1-4pm


This two day workshop will focus on drawing as a catalyst for exposing the unconscious states of ourselves, the city and its various ‘publics’. Through a series of drawing exercises about the meaning and context of the “line” and the self in public space,  we will think through and investigate the possibilities of our drawings as nuanced interventions.  Day two will become a day of intervention and action as we move through the city and post our drawings throughout the city’s many vessels. They will remain there for discovery by others; a challenge to the rituals of daily life; and a push for alternate perspectives.

This Class is limited to 15 participants and 18 yrs or older.

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Artist Bio
Matthew Metzger is Assistant Professor of Studio Arts at The University of Illinois at Chicago, and considered one of the most intense and electrifying painters. His work has shown around the world including at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; the Smart Museum of Art, Chicago; Sikkema Jenkins & Co, New York; Catherine Bastide, Brussels and Arratia Beer, Berlin; Art |43| Basel, and the Tony Wight Gallery. His work explores abstraction, and its relationship to the copy.  Metzger is also the co-editor of Shifter Magazine.

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